Speak Up 2017
Parent Survey

Dear Parent:

Thank you for your participation in Speak Up!  This survey is about your child(ren)'s education and your ideas about how your school is using technology to improve teaching and learning. We are also interested in how you and your child use technology for learning and communicating at home.

Your opinions matter! Since 2003, the Speak Up responses from over 5 million teachers, students, and parents have been shared with local, state, and national leaders. The Speak Up data is used regularly by policymakers who are developing new programs, funding and policies for education.

The survey consists of a series of multiple choice questions plus an open-ended type question at the end where you can write in your response. The survey should only take you about 20 minutes to complete. Before the open-ended question, there are six demographic questions. These questions are optional and are used only by us to give context to our national data findings.

All of your answers are 100% confidential. We do not ask your name and there is no way for us to identify your specific answers nor are we interested in your individual answers. Rather we are interested in the views of parents nationwide. We encourage you to talk with your children and their teachers about your ideas for using technology effectively for learning.

The word "technology" means different things to different people. For this survey, technology means all kinds of electronic devices like computers, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, and smartphones, as well as online websites, and software. If there are any items that you do not understand or are not familiar with, please feel free to skip to the next question.

By being part of Speak Up you are sharing your ideas to improve education. Please feel free to encourage your friends and fellow parents to participate in Speak Up.

Your Speak Up Team @ Project Tomorrow

The survey consists of 33 questions.


Project Tomorrow, the nonprofit organization that facilitates Speak Up, retains all legal rights to the data gathered as part of Speak Up and prohibits the use of the data for commercial or unauthorized purposes by any entity. For more information about appropriate use, please contact the Speak Up Team.

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