Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning:

The Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow®, gives our students, parents, staff, and members of the community the opportunity to share their viewpoints on education at their school. By participating today, you are helping ensure that your voice is heard as we continue to grow and improve our schools.

To begin, please confirm that this is the name of your district, school and this is the right question set for you. If all of this is correct, click on Begin Speak Up.

If this information is not correct, please contact your Speak Up primary contact or the Speak Up team at Speakup@tomorrow.org.

District: Lowndes County School District
School: Lowndes Middle School
Questions for: Student Grade 6-8


Project Tomorrow, the nonprofit organization that facilitates Speak Up, retains all legal rights to the data gathered as part of Speak Up and prohibits the use of the data for commercial or unauthorized purposes by any entity. For more information about appropriate use, please contact the Speak Up Team.

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