The 2024-25 Speak Up Survey registration will open in the fall. Please check back after September 1, 2024.

Special thanks to all the students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members who participated in making this year’s survey process a success! Through the annual Speak Up surveys, students, teachers and parents share their views on important K-12 education topics with local and national education leaders. The Speak Up data annually informs federal, state and local policies, programs and funding for education.

All participating schools and districts receive free online access to their local data with national benchmarks. To view your data, visit

For more information about Speak up, visit our home page or send us an email.


Project Tomorrow, the nonprofit organization that facilitates Speak Up, retains all legal rights to the data gathered as part of Speak Up and prohibits the use of the data for commercial or unauthorized purposes by any entity. For more information about appropriate use, please contact the Speak Up Team.

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